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First developed in 1904, Ansley Park was the dream of Edwin P. Ansley who along with several prominent businessmen of the time, purchased a large plot of land north of the city from longtime owner George Washington Collier.  Ansley envisioned a new motorcar-oriented suburb of wide winding streets and green parks.


Ansley's vision of a gracious, harmonious neighborhood that would be an oasis in the midst of the bustling city of Atlanta lives on today, in great part thanks to the efforts of the Ansley Park Civic Association (APCA) .  Since the 1960's, the Association has been an active force in maintaining the neighborhood's integrity, safety,  and sense of community.


2022-2023 Membership Campaign

Thanks to all who renewed their Ansley Park Civic Association (APCA) /Security Patrol membership.  If you have not yet renewed, your membership has lapsed.  You can still renew your membership by clicking the link below.   


Your membership in the APCA/Security Patrol provides many benefits to the safety and enjoyment of our neighborhood. The Security Patrol recruits top Atlanta Police Department officers to provide off-duty patrolling of Ansley Park. The number of shifts covered directly correlates with the number of member renewals for annual funding. The APCA has always worked to maintain and improve the quality of life in Ansley Park, including safety and security through our Security Patrol.
Click here for information about the work of the APCA/Security Patrol and the benefits of membership.

Contact technology@ansleypark.org if you have questions about
or problems renewing or joining.

2022 APCA
Annual Meeting

November 1, 2022 - Ansley Golf Club


Historic Designation Sentiment survey


Thanks to all of you who participated in our Sentiment Survey asking, "Do you favor Ansley Park becoming a historic district?". APCA Board members Laura Palickar and Jerry Perullo calculated the results independently and reconciled a very small number of initial differences one by one since early Monday morning. As a reminder, the participation criteria specified that each property had to be identified as contributing, non-contributing, or outside the proposed district* (but inside of the Ansley Park boundaries and occupied by an APCA member). This required manual referencing to preliminary city tables, fixing inconsistent spelling, and in some cases using Google Street view to verify the number on the front of a house. We also had 10 duplicate responses from the same property that we had to make sure didn't get double-counted and 2 instances where conflicting responses from the same parcel canceled each other out. After many hours we have confirmed the results below:

*Proposed Historic District” - map can be accessed here
All numbered properties on this map are within the proposed historic district.

Historic Designation Process

Draft proposed interim controls

As a part of the City of Atlanta’s nomination/designation process to create a Historic District for Ansley Park, all properties within the proposed Historic District would be protected by and regulated by the interim controls below, as well as the requirements of the City’s Historic Preservation Ordinance, which is Chapter 20 of the City’s Zoning Ordinance. The interim controls, which are a required part of the City of Atlanta’s nomination/designation process, provide property owners with regulations for design and construction work that might be needed during the interim period.

Click Here to view/download the draft proposed interim controls

Contributing and Non-Contributing Properties

The City preservation office has made its preliminary Contributing or Non-contributing classifications of properties within the proposed Ansley Park Historic district and they have provided the criteria for their assessments. Please find your address on the list or map.  

If you disagree with your assessment please complete
this form and email to historicpreservation@atlantaga.gov.

The APCA hosted a neighborhood meeting on Wednesday, March 30 at 7:30pm at Ansley Golf Club.

APCA is working to constructively engage all neighbors, and it was a well attended event.

Statement of the Ansley Park Civic Association Board – March 9, 2022

At its regularly scheduled monthly meeting, the Ansley Park Civic Association Board of Directors passed the following resolution: (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE OR LESS)

Whereas the Ansley Park Civic Association (“APCA”) created Ansley Park Forever (“APF”) as an exploratory effort to address threats to the historic character of the neighborhood.

Whereas APCA appreciates the hard work and persistence of APF.

Whereas APCA desires to create a balanced process whereby the neighborhood can examine preservation alternatives.

And, whereas the APCA Board recognizes a diversity of opinions even within its own ranks,

Be it resolved, that APCA will take the opportunity to convene organized forums and information sessions on behalf of the community during the next 30 day period

The Board believes the community needs time to become better educated as to the historic district application process but, more importantly, have the opportunity to engage in a free exchange of views. We have received 290 emails or petition signatures in response to a proposed Historic District nomination application offered by Ansley Park Forever. 174 households in the proposed district expressed support of proceeding with the application (including petition signatures from APF from earlier in their process) while 116 households have expressed concerns with the concept. We believe that the communications we have read indicate a wide range of potential misunderstanding on all sides. We don’t believe the neighborhood can constructively proceed with this level mistrust and misinformation.

The City of Atlanta has a well established process for neighborhoods or districts within neighborhoods to obtain historic preservation status as provided under existing statues. Currently there are 12 neighborhoods that are Historic Districts, there are 11 neighborhoods and districts which are Landmark Districts, and there is one neighborhood that is a Conservation District. We look to avail ourselves of resources offered by the City and approach other neighborhood civic associations as to their experiences as we continue to encourage a neighborhood conversation about these issues.

Paul Dimmick, President


The APCA held a Community Zoom Meeting regarding Historic Designation on March 10.  The recording of the meeting can be accessed by the link below.

Recording of March 10 Community Zoom Meeting

Gas Leaf Blower Noise

Noise and air pollution in Ansley Park caused by gas leaf blowers continue to be an irritant and health risk for residents. The topic has been discussed recently in the neighborhood newsletter, the Ansleyphile. (Why Aren’t More Lawn Services Using Electric Tools?- Ansleyphile, November 2022; Gas-Powered Blowers Shatter Neighborhood Peace - Ansleyphile August 2022; A Few Words About Leaf Blowers - Ansleyphile May 2021)

Click here for a review of some of the negative impacts of gas blowers, the superiority of their electric alternatives, and companies that use battery powered leaf blowers in Ansley Park.

APCA Events

The Special Events Committee organizes many neighborhood social events and activities that help to promote a sense of community in Ansley Park.  Attending these events is a great way to get to know your neighbors.

Note: You MUST be a RESIDENT of Ansley Park and be logged into ansleypark.org to register for events. To join APCA and register for events at the member rate, click here. If you have chosen to not join APCA but live in Ansley Park, you can create an account here to register for events at the non-member rate.  

Upcoming Events

Atlanta Zoning 2.0

ATL Zoning 2.0 is a comprehensive , multi-year process to rewrite an existing, 40 year old Zoning Ordinance that no longer meets Atlanta's present and future needs. Learn more by visiting https://atlzoning.com

Event photos

View Photos

Event photos can only be viewed by members of the APCA.


Did you know that you can learn how to research/document your historical home, learn if your home is on the National Registry of Historic Places, compare Ansley Park homes past and present, view videos of residents who've been a part of the fabric of Ansley Park for several decades, and much more?

Click here Most of this information is members-only content.


In a continuing commitment to preserve and protect the significance of its historic homes, the Ansley Park Civic Association History & Preservation Committee is excited to announce the historic plaque program. The purpose of the markers is to inform the community of Ansley Park’s historically significant homes and gardens, as well as outstanding architects, people, and events in Atlanta’s history.

Click Here for the application and more information.

15th St Corridor Enhancements Project

Click Here

Formed with a mission to bring the Ansley Park community together to preserve its historic character, streetscape and excellent quality of life during dynamic city growth.


The Beautification Foundation was established in 1983 as a 501 C3, a tax deductible organization, which enhances the maintenance of our parks and islands, and, by working with the City of Atlanta, adds capital improvements to these same areas. The Foundation can only work in the public spaces of our neighborhood.



Ansley Park is a remarkable neighborhood for many diverse reasons. Its lush parks, historically important architecture, and sense of community -- but most importantly for its interesting, talented, and engaging residents.  With Ansley Park Profiles Online we hope to make the stories of our residents more accessible to our community and preserve them for future generations.

Ansley Park Profiles can only be viewed by members of the APCA.


please leash your pet

The Ansley Park Civic Association would like to remind residents and visitors to our neighborhood that all pet owners must obey the City of Atlanta's leash law.  The nearest off-leash dog park may be found at Piedmont Park.  For more information, please view the City of Atlanta's Public Service Announcement:

 Laws for Paws

Featured PHotos

Have a photograph that captures the essence of Ansley Park?    We'd love to feature it here.  Email it to technology@ansleypark.org

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