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First developed in 1904, Ansley Park was the dream of Edwin P. Ansley who along with several prominent businessmen of the time, purchased a large plot of land north of the city from longtime owner George Washington Collier.  Ansley envisioned a new motorcar-oriented suburb of wide winding streets and green parks.


Ansley's vision of a gracious, harmonious neighborhood that would be an oasis in the midst of the bustling city of Atlanta lives on today, in great part thanks to the efforts of the Ansley Park Civic Association (APCA) .  Since the 1960's, the Association has been an active force in maintaining the neighborhood's integrity, safety,  and sense of community.


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Update October 8, 2021

Update on the Save Ansley Park Campaign

As previously announced, consideration of the two ordinances introduced by Councilmember Farohki that would have rezoned 120 of our neighborhood properties to MR/MU multi-family has been postponed until sometime in 2022. Meanwhile, there are two documents still making their way through the process towards a final vote in City Council.

They are:

  • City of Atlanta Comprehensive Development Plan (“CDP”) – Draft III will be discussed at the Atlanta City Council’s Community Development and Human Services Committee on October 12 at 1:30 pm. The City Council will vote on the proposed CDP on Oct. 28th
  • Z-21-74/21-O-0456: This ordinance includes various changes to MR/MU zoning specifications, removes requirements for off-street parking in residential neighborhoods and permits ownership severability of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). This ordinance will be heard at the City Council Zoning Committee. The full City Council is scheduled to vote on it, on December 6th.

NPU-E, in which Ansley Park is an active participant, has voted to oppose both pieces of legislation. Please find both copies of the legislation and NPU-E’s comment letter at www.npueatlanta.org.

Sept. 24, 2021 Update

First Battle Victory – Campaign Continues

Thanks to all our neighborhood residents, the flyers, emails to elected officials, door hangers, yard signs, green tree ribbons and a petition all declaring NO TO REZONING has taken hold. City Planning Commissioner Tim Keane and Councilmember Amir Farokhi have deferred consideration of the two pieces of legislation (21-O-0454 and 21-O-0455) that would rezone 20% of Ansley Park from R-4 residential to MR/MU multi-family. The biggest threat to the neighborhood has been pushed back to gather additional neighborhood and NPU input. We have a great battle victory but the campaign is still on. The final draft of the Comprehensive Development Plan has yet to be released and proposed ordinance 21-O-0456 remains in play as scheduled. Please await further developments.


The Special Events Committee organizes many neighborhood social events and activities that help to promote a sense of community in Ansley Park.  Attending these events is a great way to get to know your neighbors.

Note: You MUST be a RESIDENT of Ansley Park and be logged into ansleypark.org to register for events. To join APCA and register for events at the member rate, click here. If you have chosen to not join APCA but live in Ansley Park, you can create an account here to register for events at the non-member rate.  

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Did you know that you can learn how to research/document your historical home, learn if your home is on the National Registry of Historic Places, compare Ansley Park homes past and present, view videos of residents who've been a part of the fabric of Ansley Park for several decades, and much more?

Click here Most of this information is members-only content.

Ansley Park Forever has put together what we are calling a “learning tool”; a treasure trove of information to educate neighbors about change that affects Ansley Park; what is at risk, our history of community involvement and great neighborhood planning, an explanation and examples of Historic/Landmark Districts in Atlanta. It contains a lot of information, so, we want to allow all residents the time to read what we’ve written, click the links to articles, web sites and studies, and then do their own research. Then we want to start a conversation to see if our community wants to explore further.

Click Here for the Ansley Park Forever Website


In a continuing commitment to preserve and protect the significance of its historic homes, the Ansley Park Civic Association History & Preservation Committee is excited to announce the historic plaque program. The purpose of the markers is to inform the community of Ansley Park’s historically significant homes and gardens, as well as outstanding architects, people, and events in Atlanta’s history.

Click Here for the application and more information.




The Beautification Foundation was established in 1983 as a 501 C3, a tax deductible organization, which enhances the maintenance of our parks and islands, and, by working with the City of Atlanta, adds capital improvements to these same areas. The Foundation can only work in the public spaces of our neighborhood.



Ansley Park is a remarkable neighborhood for many diverse reasons. Its lush parks, historically important architecture, and sense of community -- but most importantly for its interesting, talented, and engaging residents.  With Ansley Park Profiles Online we hope to make the stories of our residents more accessible to our community and preserve them for future generations.

Ansley Park Profiles can only be viewed by members of the APCA.


please leash your pet

The Ansley Park Civic Association would like to remind residents and visitors to our neighborhood that all pet owners must obey the City of Atlanta's leash law.  The nearest off-leash dog park may be found at Piedmont Park.  For more information, please view the City of Atlanta's Public Service Announcement:

 Laws for Paws

Featured PHotos

Have a photograph that captures the essence of Ansley Park?    We'd love to feature it here.  Email it to technology@ansleypark.org

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