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First developed in 1904, Ansley Park was the dream of Edwin P. Ansley who along with several prominent businessmen of the time, purchased a large plot of land north of the city from longtime owner George Washington Collier.  Ansley envisioned a new motorcar-oriented suburb of wide winding streets and green parks.


Ansley's vision of a gracious, harmonious neighborhood that would be an oasis in the midst of the bustling city of Atlanta lives on today, in great part thanks to the efforts of the Ansley Park Civic Association (APCA) .  Since the 1960's, the Association has been an active force in maintaining the neighborhood's integrity, safety,  and sense of community.


Sponsor a Topper

Show your pride in Ansley Park by sponsoring our new street sign toppers. These small signs sit on top of the city street signs to define the neighborhood’s boundaries and celebrate its history. All contributors will be recognized in Ansleyphile and invited to an unveiling event in McClatchey Park.

Forty intersections require street sign toppers, and we’ll raise funds up front for an additional 35 to replace any that become damaged or go missing and for other program expenses.

Choose a sponsorship level:

Bronze $150 for one topper

Silver $300 for two toppers

Gold $450 for three toppers

Platinum $600 for four toppers

To donate, click here and select Sponsor a Topper. (Under Comment, indicate how you would like your name listed in the Ansleyphile.)

Email history@ansleypark.org with questions or suggestions.

Questions?  Click here for more information.

Join your neighbors for Ansley Park’s Block Party April 22-23!

Get to know your neighbors and/or get to know them better during Ansley Park’s third annual neighborhood-wide block party! Volunteers from several blocks have generously offered to organize and host a party. Please click below to see if your block is participating. Not all blocks had someone volunteer to host.

Click here for more information

The city is in the process of a complete rewrite of the zoning code. The rewrite has the potential to change what you and your neighbor can and can't build on a lot.  If you've ever been frustrated by the land development code's confusing mix of setbacks, lot coverages, maximum building heights, fence heights, and carriage house requirements, now is the time! The city has proposed an all new way to zone lots called zoning strings. Zoning strings enable individual lots to have more tailored development outcomes and is concerned more with the form of the building than with its use. This focus on form could open the neighborhood to a variety of redevelopment opportunities such as neighborhood scale commercial establishments.

Get involved by attending workshops in person or virtually.  The workshop will focus on city-wide alternatives to the current code. Click here for the workshop schedule.