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Ansley Park Civic Association (APCA)

With APCA membership, you have a voice in preserving Ansley Park as Atlanta's most treasured in-town neighborhood. The APCA has always worked to maintain and improve the quality of life in Ansley Park, including safety and security through our Security Patrol.  

APCA Security Patrol
Off-duty Atlanta Police Department Officers patrol our neighborhood.  Shifts are paid for by Security Patrol-Level Memberships.*  

Click here to learn more about the APCA Security Patrol

APCA Membership Dues

 $75 per year

Combined APCA /Security Patrol Membership Dues

Single Family Homes - $350.00 per year 
($275 of which is allotted to Security Patrol)

Condos and Apartments - $275.00 per year 
($200 of which is allotted to Security Patrol)

Most residents join at the Combined APCA/Security Patrol level so that we can pay for

more officer shifts to continue to improve the safety and security of the neighborhood


APCA - Work and Initiatives

Below is a summary of work done by APCA committees. 

Built Environment

Works to identify and resolve health, safety and security issues related to the infrastructure and physical environment of Ansley Park.  These include the maintenance and upkeep of streets, traffic signals, traffic signs, street signs, streetlights, fire hydrants, and sidewalks.  

Communications and Technology

Oversees communication on behalf of the association.  This includes providing the website (,  a monthly newsletter, The Ansleyphile, and an E-Newsletter which includes important security updates. Also Provides the technology infrastructure to support the operations of the APCA. 


Serves as the liaison between the APCA Board and the Beautification Foundation regarding maintenance and long range planning for our neighborhood islands, parks and playgrounds.

History and Preservation

Responsible for reaffirming the unique nature of our neighborhood. The Committee seeks to remind residents of the historical nature of our area and to encourage residents to preserve and protect the landscape and the individual identities of the homes and apartments within our neighborhood.


Manages the membership application and renewal process.  Welcomes new neighbors and informs about the work and accomplishments of the APCA.

Security Patrol
The APCA administers the Security Patrol including scheduling officer shifts, providing information to the neighborhood about security incidents, taking security related calls on the Security Patrol hotline, communicating needs to security patrol officers. 

APCA pays all fees for online membership payments, essentially contributing approximately $5,000 to the Security Patrol since those funds do not incur online fees.

Special Events

Organizes all major neighborhood social events and activities that help to promote the quality of life in Ansley Park, including such events as the Holiday Caroling Party, Neighborhood Diners, Restaurant Travelers, "An Evening With..." series, High Museum Tours and many more. 


Formed to oversee implementation of traffic calming projects funded by Atlantic Station settlement in 2000.  Addresses traffic issues in our neighborhood, such as pedestrian safety, driver confusion and speeding.


Monitors building activity in and around the neighborhood to ensure that building permits are obtained and that construction is executed based on the approved plans. Also addresses noise violations and other infringements of the rights of our residents.  

Ad Hoc Committees and Task Forces

If a need is identified outside the scope of the above committees, a task forces/ad hoc committee may be formed to to address the issue.  Below are some examples.

Filming Task Force

Provides support, guidance and education to residents and producers when it comes to filming in our historic neighborhood.  

APCA - Member Benefits

  • Receipt of the Ansley Park E-news which relays timely information relative to the neighborhood 
  • Receipt of Security Alert Emails
  • Access to the online Ansley Park Directory 
  • Access to a downloadable Ansley Park Directory sorted alphabetically or by Street
  • Ability to register for events at the member rate 
  • Ability to participate in Neighborhood Diners, Book Clubs and other APCA sponsored clubs
  • Access to members only content on the Ansley Park website 
  • Ability to attend APCA Annual Meeting
  • Ability to serve on APCA committees
  • Midtown Alliance member discounts at over 80 Midtown businesses including dining, shopping, & cultural centers (Contact to obtain the IN*MidtownATL app or card required to claim these discounts) 
  • The knowledge that you are contributing to the efforts that continue to make Ansley Park one of the best neighborhoods in the country 

APCA Security Patrol Level - Member Benefits

  • A yard sign identifying you as a member of the Security Patrol
  • Additional surveillance of your home when you are out of town - Officers will check your house several times each shift while you are away (No house under our watch has ever been burglarized while the neighbor was out of town)
  • Contact us when you are going out of town online (Security Patrol Out of Town Request Form), by phone (678-896-2309), or by sending us one of the Out of Town Request cards that are provided to you upon activation of your membership.
  • A special card from Intown Hardware in Virginia Highlands which gives you 20% off security items.
  • The knowledge that you are providing the safest community for you and your loved ones by helping us to provide maximum security coverage.

    Member Requirements

    To be eligible for membership in the Ansley Park Civic Association, you must reside in or own a residence (whether single family home, condominium, or apartment) on one or more of the streets listed below and shown on the map:

    • Ansley Drive
    • Ansley Walk Terrace
    • Avery Drive
    • Beverly Road
    • East Park Lane
    • 15th Street
    • Golf Circle
    • Inman Circle
    • Lafayette Drive
    • Maddox Drive, 
    • Montgomery Ferry Drive (between the bridge and The Prado)
    • Park Lane
    • Peachtree Circle
    • Peachtree Street  NE (between 15th Street and Beverly Road)
    • Piedmont Avenue (between 15th Street and Avery Drive)
    • Polo Drive
    • 17th Street (between Peachtree Street and The Prado)
    • 16th Street (between Peachtree Street and Peachtree Circle)
    • South Prado
    • The Prado
    • Walker Terrace
    • Westminster Drive
    • Yonah Drive

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