Parking Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the recent parking survey and to Siddarth Sivakumar, MCP Candidate at Georgia Tech, who helped compile the results. We had 331 respondents, which were distributed evenly across the neighborhood and which represent all streets sufficiently to ascertain our general parking condition. Click below for complete quantitative outcomes of the survey.


The following issues represent neighbors’ greatest concerns.

Enforcement of parking rules. Many residents noted that enforcement is lax and that authorities have allowed unpermitted parking, even after repeated complaints. This allows non-residents to park overnight or violate the rules in 2-hour permitted parking areas.

Lack of parking spaces for residents and guests. This is especially problematic during holidays and when large events take place in Piedmont Park or on Peachtree Street, and it hits residents of the peripheral streets especially hard. Additionally, the large number of housing units on these streets adds to the on-street parking stress, as residents and non-residents compete for neighborhood parking.

Guest permitting process is inconvenient and cumbersome. This adds to stress for residents requesting permits. Many residents noted that the printed permits used earlier were more convenient.

Parking rules are confusing. This is amplified by incoherent signage leading to inconsistencies between adjacent streets. Most residents favored a neighborhood-wide resident parking permit.

Critical Next Steps

  • Meet with City of Atlanta to discuss parking options
  • Suggest changes
  • Get feedback from neighborhood

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