Ansley Park Street Sign Toppers
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Show your pride in Ansley Park by sponsoring new street sign toppers. These small signs sit on top of the city street signs to define neighborhood boundaries and celebrate its history.

All contributors will be recognized in Ansleyphile and invited to an unveiling event in McClatchey Park. 

There are 40 intersections that require street sign toppers. Funds will be raised up front for 35 additional toppers to replace any that become damaged or go missing in the future, and other program expenses. 

Any questions or suggestions? Contact us at

1.     What is a street sign topper?

Street sign toppers are small signs sit on top of the city street signs to define neighborhood boundaries.

2.     What is the purpose of street sign toppers?
Street sign toppers help neighborhoods to be recognized by unique characteristics. They increase the visibility of the neighborhood to non-residents. For residents, they encourage a sense of belonging and neighborhood pride.

3.     Are these signs unique to Ansley Park?
No. Street sign toppers are present in numerous neighborhoods across the U.S. In Atlanta, there are toppers or initiatives to install them in many neighborhoods, including:
    • Virginia-Highland
    • Sherwood Forest
    • Grant Park
    • East Atlanta Village
    • Ormewood Park

4.     Who makes the toppers?
Ansley Park street sign toppers will be fabricated and installed by Advantage Graphic Signs.  They are a vendor approved by the City of Atlanta and they were the company used by Virginia-Highland for their street sign toppers.

5.     How do the toppers get installed?
Advantage Graphic Signs fabricates and installs the toppers to regulate the quality and safety. Street sign toppers require a City of Atlanta permit.

6.     What happens if a topper gets damaged or lost?
The APCA History and Preservation Committee is raising funds for enough toppers for all 40 existing street signs, and 35 extras to have on hand for replacement purposes.
When a topper gets damaged or goes missing, contact us and we will report the missing topper and have it replaced by the vendor.

7.     Who is paying for the toppers?
The street sign topper initiative has no formal funding. It will only go forward if enough donations are made to cover the actual program costs.
8.     Who designed the toppers?
Advantage Graphic Signs, the City-approved vendor, worked with the APCA History & Preservation Committee to incorporate the Ansley Park font and tree logo into the approved sign format. The green color was selected to complement the city street signs.
The toppers are the standard size of 6” tall and 18” wide.

9.     If I make a donation, how will I be recognized?
Donors in the initial fundraising effort will be recognized in an Ansleyphile issue. All donors will recognized on this webpage. The recognition is general based on the level of sponsorship: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Sponsor names will not be placed on the signs themselves, and sponsors will not be tied to specific sign locations.

10.  Will my sponsorship be designated to a specific sign?
No. The History & Preservation committee will raise enough funds to purchase and maintain enough street sign toppers for the Ansley Park neighborhood. Each sponsor is not required to maintain a specific location over time. When the supply of extra signs is depleted, the committee will again raise funds to maintain full topper coverage.

11.  Is my topper sponsorship tax deductible?
No, street sign topper sponsorships are not tax deductible.

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