Advertising in the Ansleyphile


Ansleyphile, the official newsletter of the Ansley Park neighborhood, is published by the Ansley Park Civic Association. 11 issues per year are produced and distributed free to the over 1,000 households in Ansley Park. A limited amount of space is allocated for advertising.

If you want to advertise in an upcoming issue, please e-mail  (advertising@ansleypark.org) and copy Sally Klippel (adpayments@ansleypark.org) and Jane Berman (jberman@janebermandesign.com) to let us know in what issue (s) you want to insert your ads. We will review the ad schedule to see if your preferred space is still available.


Once we have confirmed that space is available in the issues you have requested, please download and fill out the appropriate contract (links below) and send it, completed and signed, along with a check to: Sally Klippel, 120 Maddox Drive, NE, Atlanta, GA 30309. Make checks payable to the Ansley Park Civic Association. If you have questions concerning payments or if you prefer to pay by credit card, contact Sally Klippel at adpayments@ansleypark.org.


NOTE: Ad placements are accepted on a first-come, first-paid basis. Full payment must be received for your ads in order to confirm the space requested.



For more information, see the documents below:


2017 Ansleyphile Specs.pdf

2017 Ansleyphile Rates.pdf

2017 Ansleyphile Single Ad ContractInvoice.pdf

2017 Ansleyphile Multiple Ad ContractInvoice.pdf




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