APCA Security Committee

License Plate Reader Initiative

Due to increased burglaries and robberies in our neighborhood, which parallels the citywide trend, the APCA Security Committee is considering ways to make us safer. Manned patrols are the greatest deterrent to crime, but they are expensive. The Ansley Park Security Patrol currently operates 14 four-hour patrols per week at a cost of approximately $130,000 a year. A full-time patrol would entail 42 weekly four-hour shifts.

Passive devices, like cameras, are effective in identifying and prosecuting perpetrators after the fact. The readers are approximately $15,000 each, which includes three years of maintenance.

The Atlanta Police Department (APD) has a network of video surveillance and license plate readers as part of its larger Operation Shield initiative, and APD will operate and monitor our readers at its Video Integration Center. The readers provide a running account of vehicles that pass by, and the information collected can be compared to a roster of stolen vehicles being sought by state and local police. When a match is established, the system alerts APD dispatchers. Regardless of whether such a vehicle represents an immediate threat to our community, the police have the opportunity to pursue.

Midtown Blue, which is part of the Midtown Alliance, operates a street camera at 16th and Peachtree Circle, which was purchased with funds raised by the residents on Peachtree Circle. A number of our residents have installed surveillance cameras on their property, but license readers seem more effective than street cameras since license numbers are unique identifiers while videos or photos may provide only general description.

Based on crime data in Ansley Park Sgt. Poole and Chris Leighty, head of Public Safety for the Midtown Alliance and former Zone 5 Commander, recommend prioritizing the installation of readers in four locations that would capture the overwhelming volume of traffic through Ansley Park:

  • ·      the intersection of The Prado and Piedmont
  • ·      the intersection of Peachtree Circle and Peachtree Street
  • ·      the intersection of 15th Street and Peachtree Circle
  • ·      and the proposed traffic circle at The Prado, Maddox, and Montgomery Ferry

Potential future expansion of the network could include:

  • ·      Piedmont intersections at Avery
  • ·      Piedmont intersection at Westminster
  • ·      The bridge on Polo at the Ansley Golf Club

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