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Survey #1 Results

Thank you to more than 200 people who attended their block meeting and the 423 people who completed the Ansley Park Forever Survey. The features that define Ansley Park are the elements that most residents wish to protect: our tree canopy, curvilinear streets, historic homes, and existing platting. Ansley Park neighbors also want to see a plan for future development incorporating quality design standards.

Top Survey Responses

It is Important for Ansley Park to:

The most important thing the survey tells us is that residents want to keep the conversation going about preserving Ansley Park’s historic character, streetscape and quality of life! Check the upcoming events section to join us on a Zoom call to discuss Survey results, take some walking tours of the neighborhood to visualize zoning concepts, and to meet with other neighborhoods to talk about what it’s like to live in a historic district. It is clear that neighbors are for preservation in theory now let’s determine together if we are for preservation in practice.

Question 1:  Rate the importance of the following factors on your decision to live in Ansley Park.

Q1 Summary

Q1 by Number of Years Lived in Ansley Park

Question 2:  How important is it for Ansley Park to do the following things?


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